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The voltage regulator Australia in the car belongs to the battery charging system and is one of its key elements. Its defect may lead to problems with starting the engine, or completely prevent it from working. Its task is to keep the tension constant.

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The voltage is generated by an alternator or generator. The car regulator works properly when the voltage is the same with the engine running both at low and high speed. Only slight fluctuations, not exceeding 0.5 V, are permissible. They may occur as a result of excessive load of the alternator.

What is the correct charging voltage?

The correct charging voltage is between 14.0 and 14.4 V. It decreases with the age of the regulator. This means that it is necessary to replace this element regularly every few years, not always in the event of a defect or failure. The most common problems are maintaining proper voltage only at low engine speed. After their increase, it suddenly lowers.

Why is the voltage regulator so important?

While driving a car, the voltage of electricity changes under the influence of various factors - depending on the power consumption and demand, or the speed and revolutions of the engine. Such large jumps could be dangerous for the battery and the entire electrical system in the vehicle.

Imagine the correct voltage is 14V. In case of sudden ups and downs, you would even risk a short circuit and auto-ignition. The alternator voltage regulator is used to stabilize the charge value and control this variable.

The regulator operating at the alternator turns the excitation current on and off. In this way, it stabilizes the voltage at the level desired by the car.

Alternator Voltage Regulator

An alternator voltage regulator is an automotive electronic or electro-mechanical system that is used to adequately charge the battery for each car and other motor vehicles. The role of the alternator voltage regulator is very important and in the case of current systems, the alternator could not function properly without an efficient regulator.

The role of alternator voltage regulators

Thanks to the alternator voltage regulators, it is possible to maintain the appropriate voltage level, which is produced by the generator or alternator, despite significant changes in the engine speed. Regulation is performed by changing the excitation current - in current designs, the alternator voltage regulator is a coherent element with the brushes and other components that make up the alternator.

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