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APDTY 711713-RED 4WD 4X4 Transfer Case L...


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Dorman 600-120 Transfer Case Motor Encod...


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RegulatorFix Transfer Case Actuator Moto...


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Omix-Ada 18676.62 Oil Seal for Slip Yoke...


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MOPAR ELF Transfer Case Differential Fl...


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Genuine GM 12478093 Transfer Case Output...


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APDTY 143850 Transfer Case Actuator Moto...


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Gooseneck Curved Boat Vent Duct, 316 Sta...


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sensor-1 A-HRPS-SS-24, Black


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Omix-Ada 16505.27 Differential Case Asse...


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TOOWGM Transfer Case Output Shaft Drive...


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TOOWGM Transfer Output Shaft Drive Chain...


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ATC400500700 Transfer Case Shift Actuato...


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ZHANGBIN 4WD 4 Wheel Transfer Case Drive...


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22326780025 Automatic Transmission Mount...


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Generic Transmission Transfer Case Actua...


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Zcovcaa Transfer Case Shifting Set Durab...


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TANGZHOU Fit for BMW X5 E53 E70 X3 E83 G...


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Staright Transfer Case Shifter Control L...


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Big Mother Fit for Transmission Transfer...


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Genuine Chrysler 68089710AA Transmission...


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ZHENGYI New 4WD Transfer Case Switch Fit...


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H HILABEE Transmission Transfer Actuator...


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600-915 Transfer Case Actuator Replaceme...


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A transport tray is a unit that delivers torque between powered axles, powered axles or multiple axles. In addition, the transport tray allows you to disable the driving axis, reduce and increase the transportation rate, meaning it has its own differential gear, which can be strictly locked. To find the exact Automotive Transfer case components price in Australia is quite difficult because the case components prices ranges from model to model.


The main task of Transfer case is to increase the capacity of the vehicle across the country where there is no road. In fact, the transport tray serves to distinguish between the front and rear of the car. As a rule, they are found manually or electronically and provide two ratios: normal and small. Short gear will allow the vehicle to overtake obstacles on the slope and road while normal gear is used for road trips. The transfer case is located between the driving shaft and the automatic gearbox.

The transport box is a unit installed in SUVs and some trucks. Thanks to this, front and rear axles have been added, which certainly helps to overcome obstacles. After that, we will look at the design and purpose features and operation of the distribution box.

Transport conditions are particularly important roads. By closing the central gap gear, it connects the axle and distributes torque evenly across the axis. For better effect in bridges, a differential lock is used between the loops. The simplest works in such a way that forces are redistributed according to the principle of "where there is more load on the wheel".