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At Paylessdeal.com.au, you will find equipment kits, batteries, electric motors, drives, and mechanical accessories needed for your projects. We advise you at best and we accompany you in the selection of components most suitable for your Automotive. We offer the best Automotive Engine kits in Australia online. Just visit the above-mentioned stores to find the best Automotive engine spare parts.

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BOLT KIT ONLY for - LS Throttle Body - H...


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Set of 3 Engine Upper Compartment Partit...


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4pc LS Cylinder Head Install Alignment D...


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prasku Car 12V 6Gang Ignition Switch Pan...


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Boat Wench 3200LBS Capacity Boat Winch,...


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Powerhouse Products POW351510 PORTING MA...


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KESOTO Car Race Ignition Switch Panel 12...


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prasku Red Light 12V-24V Car Auto Boat R...


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551694H Coolant Steam Crossover Tube Ste...


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Engine Overhaul Rebuilding Pistons Valve...


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LS Billet Oil Pump Pickup Girdle Tube Pi...


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ICT Billet Engine Safe - Stand Adapter P...


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Rugged Ridge 17756.21 XHD Low and High M...


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Overhaul Rebuild Kit STD for Kubota Engi...


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Straight 18" NPT Pipe to 516" .3125" Hos...


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shamjina Diesel Engine Generator Control...


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NewYall Set of 3 Engine Upper Compartmen...


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Bonbo Packing Water Seal Kit 5019006400...


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Dolity 2X Universal Rocker 6P SPST ON Of...


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LS 14" Water Pump Spacers Kit Billet Alu...


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Engine Intake Heating Pipe Tube Compensa...


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LS Engine Swap Male M16-1.5 Adapter Fema...


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CNC Billet Carburetor Spacer 1" Dominato...


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Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter Paddsun MG L...


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Price and Availability

At Paylessdeal.com.au, we work with the sole aim of providing you with quality products compatible with each other and at the best price! It's simple, fast, and convenient. Take care of your engine by regularly using engine cleaners suitable for the fuel and the mechanical characteristics of your vehicle. Automotive Engine kits price in Australia ranges from 50 to 500 AUD as it varies from model to model. Here above we have enlisted in some of the stores from where you can buy these kits.


For use in a diesel or gasoline car, engine cleaners are essential for maintaining vital parts, such as injectors. Use an engine cleaner to preserve the performance of your car

As a preventive or curative measure, the engine cleaner is used for in-depth maintenance. Supply circuit, injector, carburetor ... These components are generally subject to progressive and inevitable fouling. It is therefore necessary to preserve them in order to ensure longevity and performance.

How and why should you use an engine cleaner?

This range of cleaning products includes many variations. From engine cleaners and degreasers to additives used before an oil change, the actions are as different as they are complementary. They are likely to improve combustion to reduce pollutant emissions and fuel consumption. Still, others take care to resolve power problems, as well as misfires when starting, often synonymous with clogged injectors or the presence of traces of water in the fuel.

Whether it is an engine cleaning additive for diesel or gasoline, it requires regular use as a preventive measure every 5,000 kilometers approximately. As part of curative treatment, some products are disposable. Others require periodic use for continued and rapid action. For significant clogging, prefer concentrated cleaners for optimal and lasting efficiency.

Engine Distribution Kits

Some cars do not have a timing belt but a timing chain (or very rarely geared) which then avoids periodic maintenance (change of the timing kit). In addition, the importance of the distribution is crucial because it synchronizes the movements of the motor. In case of rupture, it is all over for him.

The service life of the distribution kit

Ideally, the frequency of changing the timing kit is 100,000 km or 5 years. Avoid exceeding 140,000 km. Some brands now push up to 200,000 km or 10 years because the belt is supposed to be stronger and better protected from external aggressions.

However, if your car is sleeping outside, it is better not to wait until this deadline because the belt will be more likely to crack over time. If your car lives in a closed garage at room temperature why not, but remember that a belt that breaks is fatal for the engine. So this is the kind of stinginess to avoid!