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Price and Availability

Automotive Cylinder Head Gaskets parts price in Australia ranges from 100 to 500 AUD depending on the failure and the car model. The cylinder head gasket is difficult to access, and the mechanic must dismantle the engine to replace the cylinder head gasket and be sure that the new part's seal is correct. However, the coin itself is not expensive (between 40 and 100 AUD).

First of all, you will need to check the temperature of your engine regularly. This should not be too high. If the thermostat displays a high temperature, that is to say, above 95 ° C, and you will have to worry. When such a case occurs, it means that no more coolant is building up. The engine will overheat, and this will increase the loss of the engine by breaking it.

The second symptom of the head gasket symptom is the appearance of several warning lights simultaneously on the dashboard. Cars are equipped with several technologies with different sensors that will inform the driver of a vehicle of a problem and explain what is present.

Seeing a sight glass on the oil, a sight glass on the coolant, a warning light on the services, and a final warning light on the engine, there is a good chance that it is a problem connected with the cylinder head gasket. Some cars can display several different warning lights, such as a symbol related.

It is not complicated to understand that it is the expression of a problem on the cylinder head gasket in such a case. This warning light will appear when oil is found in the coolant. This mixture will block the cooling system and create a fat layer that will prevent the engine from functioning properly.

These two symptoms of a faulty head gasket are the most common these days. However, there may be others.

Other symptoms of a damaged cylinder head gasket

Sometimes the appearance of LEDs can be the outright meaning of an electronics problem. In other words, we're going to talk about a bug. To make sure this is the case, check the engine oil dipstick with a tissue. When a mixture sets in, it is common to have an apparent engine oil. On the other hand, if the engine oil color has not changed, then that's a pretty good sign!

Another symptom of a head gasket is the appearance of an abnormal color in the exhaust smoke. If the smoke is white or light blue, it results from mixing between engine oil and coolant. When such a situation occurs, you have to tell yourself: it's not good at all. You have to contact the garage quickly, explaining all the symptoms of the cylinder heads.

If the engine oil level is low, or even very low, it is possible to have excess oil consumption. And in this case, the engine will heat up more than usual, and the risk of literally breaking the engine is great.

The other symptoms

The last symptom of a faulty cylinder head gasket is that of having abnormal engine oil consumption. Usually, there may be a damaged outer cylinder head gasket. The faulty head gasket is a real problem. It should not be neglected, under penalty of having great difficulties later. Caution is in order! You should contact a mechanic without delay.

How do you know if the head gasket will fail?

Several clues make it possible to see if there is a cylinder head gasket. The engine and coolant warning light or the service warning light comes on. The heating no longer works or no longer cools, which can cause engine failure. Coolant flows through the expansion tank cap or drops come out of the muffler, so there is a risk of engine failure!

What are the symptoms of a faulty cylinder head gasket?

Symptoms that indicate that a cylinder head gasket is defective are white or light blue smoke coming from the engine, low engine coolant, and oil, a leak from the muffler or gasket. Extension vessel that has formed on the oil filler cap.