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The camshaft is an element which makes it possible to synchronize various parts of the engine. The camshaft regulates the opening and closing of the valves thanks to a system of pinions that synchronize it with the motor shaft. Camshaft is located at the top of the engine, at the top of the cylinder head, the camshaft is a very important part of the engine. Equipped with protrusions controlling the valves, it is connected to the crankshaft utilizing the timing belt. At Paylessdeal.com.au you can easily find a wide range of Automotive Camshafts in Australia.

Price and Availability

The camshaft itself can also wear out or break. Symptoms of a broken or worn camshaft are similar to those of a sensor fault. In the event of a problem with fuel consumption, reduced performance or the engine warning light coming on, consult a garage. Therefore, Automotive Camshafts price in Australia is very variable. The price ranges from 100 to 500 AUD on average for a camshaft. The price of the camshaft sensor also depends on the car model. Here below we have enlisted some of the stores from where you can easily purchase any automotive part.

What is the role of the camshaft?

The role of the camshaft is to manage the opening and closing of the exhaust and intake valves. It is mainly used in four-stroke engines. A pulley system connects the camshaft to the timing belt, which allows it to be synchronized with the crankshaft. It thus optimizes the combustion of the engine.

The camshaft is a cylindrical rod that has various projections called cams. There are as many cams as the valves that the camshaft has to control. When the camshaft turns, it presses on the valves and allows them to be opened or closed.

There are three types of camshafts:

The lateral camshaft:

it is an old model of the camshaft that is no longer found on recent engines.

The overhead camshaft:

placed above the engine, on the cylinder head, manages both the exhaust (where the gases come out) and the intake (where the fuel and air enter).

The double overhead camshaft:

here a camshaft manages the exhaust, and another manages the admission. The engine is thus more efficient at high speeds, which makes the camshaft ideal for competition cars.

To improve the performance of a car, some engines are equipped with a camshaft phase shifter. The phase shifter is used to modify the valve lift. Out of phase, a camshaft can also reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Once expensive, camshaft phase shifting is now much more common.


New to mechanics? You may not yet know the purpose of the camshaft? This part is essential for regulating the various valves' opening and closing (exhaust and intake). You will not have to replace the timing shaft for a production car, just driving in town or on roads with speed limits (80 or 130 km / hour). However, if you practice motor racing, you will need to review your entire engine. The engine block, valves, and circuits (water, gasoline, and air) will have to be changed to guarantee high-level performance. You will not be able to ignore the distribution trees.

These mechanical parts will have to be replaced by models made from high-quality materials. A camshaft for racing and rallying has specific characteristics. This part has a particular shape benefiting from specific machining, ensuring a longer opening time and a longer valve lift. Consequently, the air-gasoline mixture injected into the cylinders will be higher. In other words, you will get more power at high revs.

We will help you choose the right timing shaft for your car. Most car manufacturers are represented. We display a photo of the model for sale and the exact model of the compatible car (year of production and engine).