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Automotive hydraulic brake, also known as a friction brake, is a commonly used braking system, which is found in many trailers and car trailers, as well as in other types of vehicles, including cars and bicycles. A typical friction brake designed for use in trailers consists of a pump, pressure hoses and working cylinders.

The braking system is an essential element for your safety. It must respond immediately and accurately to the slightest solicitation. The most important components are pads, discs, drums and shoes. Each has its own function, and together they help to brake and immobilize the vehicle.

The brake pump transforms this energy into hydraulic pressure which, through the incompressible brake fluid, reaches the four wheels. For wheels with disc brakes, the pressure activates with a hydraulic calliper that clamps the brake pads on the disc. For wheels with drum brakes, the pressure moves the two shoes that come into contact with the drum.

Various types of additional elements may also be necessary for proper functioning. Depending on the model of the hydraulic brake used, these will be expansion containers, tappets, hydraulic brake cables and others.

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