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Often there are cases when an incomprehensible noise is noticed in the car in front during its movement, which becomes more potent when you pick up the pace and decreases when you stop. It doesn't matter in which gear it happens, the problem is either with the hub or with the differential bearing. How to change it, regulate it, what it consists of, and where to buy Automotive bearing differential kits in Australia will be discussed in the article.

Automotive Differential bearing structure Tapered bearing belongs to the type of rolling bearings and is a design consisting of two rings in the form of a truncated cone with running grooves. A separator with rollers is located between them. They are cylindrical, conical, barrel-shaped, needle-shaped and twisted in shape. Conical in the design is divided into single-row and double-row.

On rear-wheel-drive vehicles, torque is transmitted from the gearbox through the propeller shaft to the rear axle assembly with a differential. The rear axle serves many purposes. The crankcase serves as a support for the suspension elements and supports the vehicle.

Inside the crankcase, there is the main gear assembly with a differential. The main gear assembly with a differential through the axle shafts transfers power from the propeller shaft to the rear wheels. The final drive allows you to change the direction of the torque from the propeller shaft to the axle shafts by 90 degrees.

Besides, it provides a change in the gear ratio, because the pinion gear is much smaller than the driven gear (ring gear). The relationship between the number of teeth on a wheel and gear is called the final drive ratio.

The rear axle half-shafts must be able to rotate at different rpm to compensate for the fact that the wheel on the outside of the corner must travel a greater distance and therefore must rotate faster than the wheel on the inside circle.

The rear axle assembly houses the differential. A differential is a set of gears that, if necessary, individually transmits torque from the propeller shaft to the rear axle shafts. The result is that each axle shaft and wheel can rotate at the correct speed independently of the other axle shaft. There are two types of differentials: conventional (non-locking) and limited-slip (locking).

Rear-axle assembly types

There are three basic types of the rear axle assembly, depending on the type of axle and wheel support:

• With semi-balanced axle shafts

The semi-balanced axle uses the axle shafts, which are usually held by C-clips in the axle housing. These C-clips fit into a groove in the splined inner end of the axle shaft. Also, the C-clips fit into a recess in the differential side gears located in the differential case.

The semi-balanced axle shaft is based on a water straight roller bearing located at the outer end of the axle shaft. The semi-balanced axle shaft supports the vehicle's mass and also provides torque transmission.

• With fully balanced axle shafts

Rear-axle with fully balanced axle shafts provides load capacity. The hub is supported or "floated" on an axle shaft, supported by two oppositely mounted tapered roller bearings. The entire weight of the rear of the vehicle falls on the axle housing, and nothing falls on the axle shafts. The axle shaft drives the wheel. The hub is fixed on the axle shaft with a ratchet nut, which locks in the groove on the axle shaft.

• With independent suspension

The third type of rear axle used is the Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) rear axle. This axle is similar to the other types, except that a separate suspension system takes over the entire weight of the vehicle, rather than the axle assembly. No tubular axle shafts are used. Instead, axle shafts similar to propeller shafts are used to connect the axle housing to the drive wheels.

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