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When it comes to managing the battery system of your car or any vehicle, battery cables play a vital role, indeed. The market is loaded with a handsome range of brands and manufacturers, promising the highest quality cables for automotive batteries but there are certainly other things to keep in mind. When choosing Automotive Battery Cables Australia, it’s important to ensure that you have a proper size, gauge and of course, proper installation. What else to keep in mind? Let’s have a detailed discussion below!

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Length of Cables

The first and foremost factor, you should keep in your mind is the length of the wire. It’s too important to consider its voltage drop or the number of voltages lost over the cable length. There are many Battery Cable Size Calculators available online for your convenience. Increase the length of a battery cable and it’ll increase the electric resistance until the voltage is lowered below a suitable level.

Higher gauge battery cables would have a higher drop rate as compared to the small gauge battery cables. It’s because the strength of the cables completely depends on the cross-sectional area over a period of time.

Let us be more accurate. If you have a 12-volt DC System with 20 feet long cable and 10 amps current load, the voltage drop at the end would be 1.0 or 11.8/volts. It’s recommended to use the size calculator when it comes to choosing the Automotive Battery Cables Online Australia so that you can easily determine the voltage drop.


Having a wrong gauge while going through Car Battery Cable Replacement may put your car at higher risk than some realise. A thick cable gauge can prevent the distribution of the current. An excessively slim cable gauge, on the other hand, can shorten and cause the engine compartment to start a fire in extreme cases. In order to prevent such problems while buying Automotive battery cables in Australia, be sure all participants in the selection process have access to amp and gauge charts.

What’s more?

Although Battery Cable Price is the most important factor you should consider when buying online but the strand count of the battery cable shouldn’t be overlooked. Stranded conductors consist of a lot of metal strands in a variety of structures. They are much more flexible as compared to robust conductors. Making it a bit simple, the more flexible the cable is, the higher the strand count.

Besides, you should consider the external cable jacket. XLPE and PVC materials both are used for battery cable insulation since the materials are stronger than EPDM and neoprene cups, which are considered the best for tightening battery applications.

Installation & Maintenance

Just be sure you securely connect to the battery terminals once you go for the right Automotive battery cables Australia with the right specifications. A defective connection can undermine a battery system’s efficiency and is the major cause of the majority of post-meltdown battery terminals. You can reduce or minimise the potential for problems by sizing the proper cable, alongside using properly mounted cable connectors and performing good maintenance.

Easy maintenance is too often overlooked. To prevent corroded terminals, check the battery cables regularly to ensure that they didn’t break over the period. Often be sure your battery stacks are clean and the debris is removed from the battery roof. Most important of all, check if the battery packs are sealed securely and the vent caps are mounted.

Where to Shop for Less?

A wide number of well-known and reputed online retailers or stores offer the highest quality battery cables for cars at different rates. However, we at Paylessdeal comprise a wide list of all these brands and stores for you and welcome you to buy your favourite product online without having to spend a fortune. With a perfect collection of stores and retailers including Amazon, you can compare Automotive Battery Cables Price Australia that varies between AU$37-103. The detailed price comparison ahead of buying not only helps you choose your favourite product from your favourite store but it lets you save a number of bucks with ease.