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Artengo Australia is a sub-brand of Decathlon Group that offers the best and quality Tennis Rackets, Clothes, Shoes and other accessories at an affordable price. The brand derived from Decathlon dedicates itself for the top-quality Sportswear, robust and powerful rackets, and the comfortable shoes with ultimate performance.

Launched in 2006, the racket sports brand, in the strategic line of the Decathlon group to which it belongs, has naturally positioned itself in the casual player's segment to make all racket sports accessible to as many people as possible. This friendly and family positioning with an efficient quality/price ratio enabled it to conquer 1st place in this market quickly. The brand now aims to seduce regular and intensive players with a new strategy

Artengo Tennis Clothing

Tennis clothing should make those who wear them comfortable during matches. However, some are made to follow the fashion trend. At our online store, we provide you with clothing that is both stylish and comfortable, designed by brands recognised in the world of tennis. While playing the intense game, you have to stay calm and cool to concentrate more, but for this, you need a perfect cloth that keeps you comfortable and offers easiness. Artengo clothes are best for such tense situations as they have a soft fabric that keeps you calm and cool with its comfortability and high-quality stitching.

Artengo Shoes

Where Clothes keeps you calm, the shoes play a vital and important role when playing an event or tournament. Shoes are the essential key to climb on the mountain of success, for this Artengo shoe offers durability, comfort, and optimal performance, manufactured with high-quality material. We have an extensive range of Artengo Shoes available at our online shop.

Decathlon Rackets Brands

These rackets are sports instruments that are composed of a frame with the round head covered in nets, serves to hit the ball in tennis. Decathlon rackets are the most demanded rackets in the Tennis world, which are the following:

Artengo: this brand offers the ideal rackets for casual players in their first exchanges of the ball. They manage to provide power shots with ease. They are composed of aluminium for their lightness.

Head: That famous brand provides interesting rackets made of aluminium, modern built-in technologies, which make them attractive in the game. Almost most are designed for intermediate and advanced players.

Babolat: an older French brand, has managed to develop the rackets with perfection and are composed of materials such as carbon and aluminium of the highest quality. They achieve the best effects of greater control of power, manageability and lightness.

The Guide to buying Decathlon Rackets

To buy a suitable racket as everyone wants, it must be taken into account in the main features such as:

The weight: the weight of the rackets varies between 250 and 340 grams, it is vitally important to know the weight of the rackets, those that weigh more than 280 grams will provide more power and precision to the ball, but it decreases the manageability. Rackets that weigh less than 280 grams will increase the best control and a lot of manageabilities but will lose power to the ball.

The type of balance: it is the point of stability of the racket, it gives importance in the centimetres of the head and the handle to get better manageability and control of the power. Which have three types of balance:

The size of the sieved ring:

Large sieve: provides greater flexibility and control but with less power and precision in the blows to the ball.

Medium sieve: it offers the precision, flexibility and control of the blows to the ball in the intermediate level.

Small sieve: provides greater control and precision in the blows to the ball but with less flexibility.

Buy Artengo Products Online

Decathlon Rackets are almost the majority of the ARTENGO brand, a brand that is not so common in the past but now has an excellent reputation in the world. Decathlon is highly recognised sports brands that follow behind Artengo, such as Head, Babolat, and Wilson that are available in many varieties of attractive and modern designs.

Decathlon Rackets are made of high-quality materials such as carbon and aluminium with the new technologies incorporated, that allow you to achieve a successful game with a lot of power and flexibility. Discover and Buy ArtengoProductsOnline at an affordable and much cheaper price tag as compared to all other online stores, not only this; you will get the maximum price comparison ratio at our online outlet.