Arms Nintendo Switch Game

4/5 $0 - $0
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: June 15 2017
  • Genre: Action, Fighting and Multiplayer
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Number of Players: 2
  • Game Size: 3.2 GB

Arms is a fighting game with a lot of fun where the players will fight with the long and stretched arms. This game was published and developed by Nintendo Switch and was released on June 16, 2017. Arms Nintendo Switch in Australia is readily available on various online stores. In ARMS Nintendo switch game, the player symbolises a strange character with stretchy arms and must prove his worth in combat in demented clashes against other unknown fighters in a colourful world.

Game Synopsis

If we say this game is a combination of fun and action, it would be accurate to describe how entertaining this game will be. As its name Arms, we can take the idea of the game what we will experience in this game. In this game, Arms are used as a weapon to fight against your enemies. These can be used to dodge, block, throw and to attack against the opponent.

There is a total of fifteen players in the game, and some of them are locked. You have to unlock all these characters and give surprise to your opponent by punching them hard. Same as characters, there are few Arms which need to be opened in order to use them. And once you unlock them, you are unstoppable. Each character has its unique arm such as a boxer arm, a heavy gun, freezing arm and many more. One the charge is full the character can now use the special attack on their opponents which also varies on the arm and personality.

There is one more thing which makes this game more exciting, and it is that the player can use two different arms at the same time to get the best combination of arms and destroy your enemies with the most powerful combos. The music and the commentary of the game make it more appealing, and the graphics are simply spectacular. Plyers can customise their outfits and arms and weapons.

Game Feature

In the beginning, the players find it challenging to understand the controls. It is quite easy to do tilt the Joy-Con to move the player fire the arm and tilt it to change the direction of the punch in the mid-way to surprise your opponent. Make the combination of various arms in order to find the best match according to your character. Play this game in Multiplayer it can add up to 4 players at a time so invite your friends and enjoy this action and fighting game.

Price and Availability

This is not a story-based game, and it is a multiplayer game full of action and entertainment. This game can be played in various modes such as one on one or by making a team of 2 vs 2.

In the multiplayer mode, you can invite your four friends and play this game at home or online. Arms were released in 2017 still people are buying and playing this game.

If you haven’t experimented the game yet we will recommend you to play this game, the Arms Nintendo Switch game price in Australia is almost $80 AUD which is quite worthy of paying for such a fantastic game.

We have enlisted-in various stores from where you can purchase this great Arms game for your Nintendo Switch.