Apple Powerbeats Pro Head Phones

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Brand:                                               Apple
Model:                                              Powerbeats Pro
Connections:                                   Bluetooth Wireless
Power:                                             Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Battery Stand-by:                           Up to 12 hours
Charge up-to:                                  5 min

After the release of Apple AirPods 2, the company again come with another amazing headphone which is known as Apple Power beats pro. Apple Power Beats Pro in Australia is not available yet. Apple has recently unveiled its amazing Power beats pro. Apple AirPods are excellent fashion accessories that are widely being used. Although Apple doesn’t produce soundproof accessories. Let’s hope this will be noise resistant to get better sound quality.

Specifications and Features

Power beats Pro is expected to incorporate Apple's H1 chip, which is also used in the new AirPod 2. The new chip would improve the audio experience and wireless synchronization of updated AirPods, which gives you 50 percentage of talk time and 30 percent of lower video latency than its predecessor. The H1 chip also allows Siri to power at any time, allowing users to call Apple's digital assistant with the "Hey Siri" wake-up words instead of having to press the AirPod.

The H1 chip should allow for similar enhancements to the new Power beats headphones, which could be considered by customers as a sportier alternative than the AirPod which could explain why Apple did not believe it necessary to add features such as a safer fit or better sealing its latest AirPods model. These were part of the expected upgrades prior to the announcement of the AirPod, but faithful to the prediction of the famous Apple Ming-Chi Kuo analyst in December, the AirPods received only minor updates.

Colour and Design

Much less flashy and catchy than the AirPods, we guess these utility headphones will also be less popular. With regard to color options, the images show a black and white version, as well as a case that can charge the device, in the same way as what you find in the AirPod. It is not known whether the supplied housing will offer a wireless recharge or if it is even an available option. Again, for now, we can only assume that new beats will arrive next month, but if you were looking to buy a game right now, it was worth the wait.


The headphones include an in-ear component, a design on the ears that should make them about 1 000 times safer than the AirPod and will be delivered with a relatively bulky charging case which hopefully would last longer. The headset will feature Apple's new Bluetooth H1 chip, which allows for faster pairing and better battery life, as well as support for "Hey, Siri." It seems to recharge via lighting, but Wireless charging has not been excluded.


We have seen some of the amazing headsets that were released by Apple. Apple Power Beats Price in Australia is not confirmed yet. The release date of this headset is also not confirmed yet. As we have seen amazing iPads and AirPods that were recently released by Apple after a long time.