Apple laptops which are also known as MacBook is the brand of Macintosh Laptops launched by Apple Inc. Apple Laptops in Australia are now easily available you can purchase them from Apple first comes with its smartphone which was widely being loved by the audience then they start working on manufacturing Apple Laptops which was also loved by the natives of Australia. The OS of these laptops is also iOS which makes it entirely different from the other laptops which use windows operating systems.

History of the Brand

Apple launches its first laptop in 2006 which was named as MacBook Pro after that they launched their second Laptop family named as MacBook Air in 2008 and they introduce their third laptops under the name of MacBook and still, they are manufacturing it. Apple introduces only three series MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.

This MacBook family has a similar design to the iBook and Power bank lines as they used the lightest material to build laptops as they use Aluminum to use build their MacBook Air. And it uses a black Laptop made up of plastic in MacBook Air that was inspired by the Sunken Keyboard of the original polycarbonate MacBook. The lids of the MacBook family use a magnet while closing the lid there is no mechanical latch.

The new series uses the same design of drives memory and batteries. All the models of MacBook have a backlit keyboard. The MacBook was discontinued until March 2015 when the new models were launched featuring ultraportable design and all metal enclosure that gives laptops a new look.

MacBook features a butterfly mechanism keyboard and a touch trackpad having a USB Type C port and physical adapter and comes with the basic features as the best feature and change that were loved by the users are the metal logo at the back of the lid which has an LED. In 2007 Apple launches an expensive laptop series under the name of MacBook Air as its name tells the story it is a lightweight laptop with amazing features.

It comes with the 11 inches of the display screen and has a retina display with two USB Type A ports and a processor speed of 1.8 GHz. Later in 2008, they made few changes in the model as the introduces the Touch ID sensors in the laptops. While Apple MacBook Pro is the latest laptops introduces by the company which has a great advancement in the terms of specifications and features. More advance more lightweight and more powerful laptops were introduced with the best touch sensors and a large screen size of 13 inches’ retina display.

Where to Buy

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