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Antonio Puig Quorum 3pc Set 10...

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Agua Brava Azul Eau De Toilett...

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AGUA BRAVA by Antonio Puig COL...

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Agua Brava Cologne By Antonio...

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Antonio Puig Quorum 2pc Set 10...

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Agua Brava Azul by Puig Cologn...

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There are a handsome number of brands and well-recognised names in the world of fashion and fragrances like Antonio Puig in Australia - offering a plethora of fragrances as well as other lines of products since their inception. It’s a Spanish company which was founded back in 1914 by Antoni Puig in Barcelona, Spain. The company marketing its products throughout the world (approx. 150 countries) with 4472 employees across the globe.

Although it’s an internal brand but still owned and operated by family 100%. Antonio Puig since its inception has been focusing on perfumery and beauty products. The house started working on the keys to the potential growth of the business in the 1960s. A talented team was established which was able to appreciate a family-owned business.

Through creating perfume and cosmetics laboratories, it increases the consistency of products. The organization frequently collaborates with other research laboratories and applies its products to industrial design. They focused on internationalization and in 1959 opened the first U.S. branch in the United States.

As of now, there are more than 35 perfumes in their fragrance base at Antonio Puig Store online which makes it one of the oldest perfume houses. The earliest edition was launched back in 1940 whereas the latest one arrived in the market in 2014.


Fragrances for both men and women are available at unmatched rates under Antonio Puig Sale and promotion section. Not only this, but you can also get the advantage of buying products from other well-recognised brands without having to spend a fortune. Some of the best Antonio Puig products are as follow:

Wear a masculine perfume that represents the enthusiasm of its Spanish creator for creativity and acceptance of the heritage of fragrance. This thrilling men's range called Quorum was introduced by Antonio Puig in 1992. The splendid aromas mix rough and sensual notes.

Rediscover a romantic perfume of a catalog of a Spanish label that is century old. Agua Brava began in 1968 by Antonio Puig's fragrance company and continues to demonstrate its test of time.

Aqua quorum is a classic fragrance for men who stand the test of time. Published by Antonio Puig in 1994. Following the opening with new spicy and flavourable notes, the scent transitions into floral and citrus notes smoothly and ends with soft herbal notes that create a terrestrial and elegant feeling.

Sybaris for men was produced in 1988 for the family-owned House of Puig by Rosendo Mateu and Alberto Morillis. It's a potent blend of sweet, woody, floral, balsamic, and green time signatures that produce a hectic fragrance that's perfect for daytime and nightlife.

When you need a fresh floral scent all day long, check out Antonio Puig's Thais. This woman fragrance contains aquatic chord notes, valley lily, musk, rose, and purple leaves. It has a cool and watery texture that makes it suitable for these summer days.

Agua Lavanda for women was founded in 2000 to build Antonio Puig, a Barcelona-based perfumery. Famous as a calming-enabling aromatherapy product, lavender stands out for the title on the exquisite perfume formula of Agua Lavanda.

Emphasise your magnetic properties, which draw people into and attract attention with Blue Seduction, a trendy water floral produced in 2008 as a woman version of the popular men's edition under the guidance of actor Antonio Banderas.

Antonio Banderas 'Queen of Seduction is a women's fragrance released in 2016. The top notes are watery, raspberry and grapefruit notes. Jasmine, black pepper, peony, and iris are the middle notes, while the basic notes are cedar or amber. The new and aquatic scent has cleaned and crunchy notes.

If you are searching for a new sweetness to make a sense of mystique and enchantment, then Her Golden Secret is a great choice for women. This scent was formulated in 2013 to blend refreshing and zesty notes of orange and bergamot mandarins with delicate peach and gardenia.

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