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Android is the most considered operating systems for smartphones and tablet devices . This OS was created as an open-source platform with the collaboration of several companies including Google. Open source word indicates that manufacturers or developers can use this operating system for free and are allowed to alter it. If you are searching for android tablet devices then the good news is that the choices are really uncountable as more and more reputed brands i.e. Samsung, Archos, Microsoft, Sony, and Lenovo, etc. are launching android tab devices every other day. Here, you can purchase any brand’s tablet device at best possible price conveniently. But before purchase, keep some important considerations in mind like portability, screen size, resolution, keys accessibility, network options, and ports, etc. Most brands now come in multiple sizes and shapes to suit your personality as well as your budget. Think carefully regarding storage and whether you are willing to access the internet over Wi-Fi only or you prefer a seamless connection. Both of these options would have a remarkable impact on the price. If you are not sure which model of Android tablet will work best according to your needs then read user reviews online. Once the choice has made, compare prices and grab the best deals from the top online retailers like eGlobal Central, eGlobal Digital Store, Kogan, and more.