AMIR Phone Camera Lenses

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2 in 1 Phone lens

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Super Wide lens

15X macro lens

0.45X wide angle lens

0.6X angle lens

Amir mobile phone camera lens offers several lenses with a clip designed to be attached to almost any smartphone. It was a good idea to build a new camera phone lens which can enhance the power of your smartphone camera. The idea is that the clip can attach the lens to the phone's rear or front camera and allow you to take super-wide, macro or fisheye photos. The trend of these camera phone lenses are increasing day by day and they are almost available in almost every country. Amir Phone camera lens in Australia is also available and we have mentioned few stores from where you can purchase these amazing camera lenses.

Price and Availability

These mini gadgets are amazing and powerful which can increase the focus and focal length of your smartphone to capture the images from long distance. The Amir phone camera lens price in Australia ranges from $20 to $60 AUD which a handsome amount to pay for this gadget. The clip doesn't fit too tight, which means it is easy to adjust for optimal results, but for the same reason, it doesn't fit properly for long as you shake your phone or move it continuously.

It is made of advanced optical glass made of highest-quality aluminium design for durability. This lens set minimizes reflections, reflections, appearances, and other artifacts for excellent focus. It gives you experience in DSLR quality and takes great photos.

A quality lens with a very wide angle of 0.6X Ultra-low distortion will appear in the images when using this 0.6X wide-angle lens. This can greatly help expand the field of view and allow the entire family or the entire team member to capture in a photo.

Improved 15x macro lens designed with a knurled wheel for convenient removal. With it, you can take clear photos that are more detailed at 1.18-1.57 inches from the lens. More convenient and more efficient to take clear and wonderful photos.


These Amir phone camera lenses come with the high-quality wide-angle lens and enhanced macro. This smartphone is compatible with iPhone 6s / 6 plus / 5 / 5s, iPad and other smartphone companies such as Samsung, Huawei etc. Perfectly manufactured with advanced material, this lens set effectively minimizes reflections, reflections, appearances and other artifacts, ensuring excellent sharpness. Make your photos look as good as those taken with a DSLR camera but there are few drawbacks of this the flash will not work which means you can’t take the pictures at night.