Amino Z is a well-known Sydney-based Australian company which has a specialty in the retail of health and fitness products, including accessories, supplements, and clothing. The Amino Z website was founded by Jay Bonaretti and launched back in March 2006, and since then it has expanded from a single-man company to a thriving company serving thousands of customers all over Australia.

The name “Amino Z” was taken from the amino acid molecule. One of the many blocks of the human body is amino acids. It’s an integral component of biological science. Being a company, Amino Z bases its exercise philosophy and nutritional requirements on what science has proven. They are firmly convinced that scientific research has immense practical significance in our lives. However, Amino Z wouldn’t advocate an approach which has no scientific backing to it.

To offer you the health and physical fitness from A to Z, they have specially selected "Z" in their company name as the final letter. Without another necessary component, a reduced approach to health and fitness is useless, according to the company. They believe it is best to ensure that your entire lifestyle matches your desired purpose to achieve a sustainable change.

Amino Z Products

At Amino Z, you can find products from Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, Health, Clothing Accessories, and Vitamins. Their popular products include:

Clothing and Accessories

Vitamins and Minerals

Their Mission

Their major goal is to help millions of people in Australia (and around the world) by becoming the most prominent and most respected fitness, health, and nutrition company. To resolve the massive misinformation alleged by media, the Internet, and general misunderstandings concerning health, fitness, and nutrition, they are seeking to provide an authoritative and scientifically researched source of precise information.

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