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Ameda was established back in 1962 and is a Swiss-based breast pump and accessory manufacturer. They were established by a Swedish engineer who attempted to make milk pumping comfortable and efficient. Ameda, formerly an Evenflo division, is now an independent company and offering its products all over the world, including Australia.

Ameda provides a range of hospital grades for those who need a multi-user, double-electric pump, including platinum and elite models. Purely Yours and Purely Yours Ultra models of Ameda Australia are double-electric single-user pumps for females who often pump. Ameda's manual pump is a good choice for those who rarely pump and have won awards for its innovative design.

Ameda's HygieniKit Milk Collection System, a standard feature of their electric pumps, pumped dairy by airlocks to safeguard against bacteria, mould and viruses.

Ameda is in a partnership with many insurance companies that enables customers to cover breast pumps and related items with insurance. You should check if the insurance company covers an Ameda pump you buy. Ameda is best suited for frequent pumpers, those with breastfeeding difficulties and those who prefer manual pumps.

A lot of information is available on Ameda's official website about the breast pump and breast-feeding. Their Milk 101 site offers a comprehensive guide to breastfeeding and pumping, with information about breastfeeding and latching, time to pump, what you should expect for your baby's first year of life, breastfeeding at work, and more.

Ameda breast pumps can be purchased worldwide, including Australia, making it easy for mothers in a variety of places. They are accessible in Australia at large distributors such as Amazon Australia and others.

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Ameda is offering an extensive range of hospital grade pumps, breastfeeding accessories and much more under one roof to fulfill all of your needs. The major products of Ameda include:

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