ALR Industries are acquired by a modern production facility in Gwinett County, GA and have a well-equipped quality control (QC) laboratory that ensures the pure, safe and effective delivery of all their products. Only after a thorough analysis according to strict requirements, methods and procedures are they released, developed in accordance with international guidelines. EU, cGMP, MHRA, WHO, TGA and so on. Their QC Lab is a kind of laboratory and the first conduct in-house testing under strict FDA Guidelines amongst the few Nutraceutical companies. In its QC Department, the botanical extracts, amino acid, API finished products, packaging, and related materials are analyzed in full.

ALR Industries is one of the most attractive industries thanks to their subsidiaries and the Research & Development department. This distinguishes the competition from their brand products, contract manufacturing, and raw material division. ALR Industries is a department that has its own internal QA/QC and has Agilent 100 HPLC, Agilent GC/MS, JASCO FTIR, Perkins Elmer VU VIS Dissolution System, Vankel 10-1000 Friabilator, Vankel 100 TAP Density Tester, Vankel 10705 Chambers to name just a few. ALR Industries Australia also has its own department and its testing equipment.

In Nanjing, China, ALR Industries is also a member of the joint undertaking with a Chinese research and production facility for Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Researches. The research group of their R&D Center consists of chemists, technical specialists, pharmacologists, and certified pharmacists. Their facilities in China are equipped with advanced experimental tools like NMR, HPLC, GC / MS, and different reactors. The joint venture enables ALR Industries, under strict test conditions and experimental equipment, to conduct chemical synthesis or herbal removal from the gram to multi-kilograms lots and to carry out tests and pilot productions of new products.

The R&D center for ALR Industries is the strategic focus of their business and is now the connecting point between themselves, their customers and clients. Their Chinese partner has more than 128 employees which include approx. 38 technical professionals.

ALR Industries is a global provider of R&D of proprietary nutraceuticals. They spend more on R&D than many companies in terms of revenue on ALR Industries. In fact, 85% of R&D and 15% marketing expenditures format support their annual budget. Instead of marketing hype, it is essential that their clients achieve results. The quality control of ALR Industries is quite strict. Each ingredient has to undergo up to 20 purity and strength tests. This allows you to be sure that you are only getting the highest quality products available when you deal with ALR Industries.

ALR Industries Products

ALR Industries is one of the leading brands especially when it comes to finding products related to fitness. They provide a complete range of quality products and their main products include:

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