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Alpinestars is considered as one of the most important international companies in the Motorsports world. Alpinestars Australia offers a diversity of products in equipment for motorcycling. Alpinestars Australia is specialised in products for MotoGP, motocross, motorcycling, and MTB. Its products have a high-quality guarantee, which has led it to be one of the most recognised brands.

Alpinestar is an Italian brand created in 1963 and known worldwide, especially in the automotive and motorcycle industry. Initially specialised in hiking and ski boots, Alpinestars Australia has rapidly grown to become the leader in motorcycle gear and protections. The Alpinestar brand's collections include motorcycle boots of course, but also cross boots, leather jackets, motorcycle helmets and everything you need.

But Alpinestar is also Formula 1 with champions like Michael Schumacher or Jenton Button who have been sponsored by the Italian brand. Finally, Alpinestars Australia also recently set out to conquer your wardrobe and wardrobe by offering you T-shirts, trucker caps and of course, boardshorts with sporty designs that are unique to Alpinestar!

Don't hesitate and let yourself be induced by a jacket or just a pair of biker boots of the brand for the spirit of racing and adventure always follow you with your equipment Alpinestar. Grab the keys of your bike in your pocket and go for a circuit tour or to go to work with class!

Alpine – History and Overview

An iconic brand started its journey in 1963 under the name of a leather craftsman Sante Mazzarolo who is based in Northern Italy town of Asolo and with the perennial Alpine star flower as its namesake. Mazzarolo started manufacturing the products bearing Alpinestar moniker, back in that time there was a new sport entered in the market known as motocross. The Motocross competitions began to be popular in all across Europe.

Mazzarolo took advantage of the fact that the new Motocross sport was being introduced with great force in Europe, to apply its knowledge and technique in the manufacture of footwear that would cover the needs of that new form of sport. The extraordinary boot that Mazzarolo produced becomes an archetype for motocross protection.

Since its inception, the purpose of the company was to introduce innovative products which had outstanding results and performance.

The evolution of Alpinestars over time has not changed the style of rebel design and Italian aesthetics of the sixties. More than 50 years later, Alpinestars has met the needs of numerous world champions and manufactures products so riders can train with high performance and maximum protection.

In 1970s Roger De Coster brings the World Motocross Championship award under the Alpinestar brand name which takes this brand to the new heights of success.

Alpinestars Product Range

The Alpinestars product range based on backpacks and hydration packs, protections such as elbow pads, knee pads, neck & body protections, and clothing such as gloves, culottes, and jerseys. The high quality of Alpinestars manufacturing, making it a spectacular brand that has excellent products and that makes it a prestigious brand.

The products best valued by cyclists of the Alpinestars brand of the year 2016-2017 that you can find at our online store:

  • Alpinestars Paragon cycling knee protectors
  • Shorts/cycling shorts (MTB / BTT, all mountains, Enduro, free ride, descent) Alpinestars Pathfinder
  • Protective vest (back / chest and back protection) Alpinestars Evolution
  • Alpinestars Hyperlight 2 2016 shorts/shorts
  • Alpinestars Paragon cycling protection vest
  • Many foams for the Alpinestars Ban collar: spare parts for cervical protection/neck brace

Jacket: Key Item for All Motorcyclists

The jacket is one of the main safety items for Motorcycle Street. On Alpinestar models, motorcycle jackets made of more robust and more waterproof fabrics, which provide more excellent protection on rainy days. Inside, it has an extra lining that acts as a thermal insulator for cold days. For high-temperature days, you can unzip the shoulder of your Alpinestars jacket to regulate airflow and increase ventilation.

Alpinestar Jackets

Alpinestars manufactures many items, not just motorcycle jackets. The Alpinestars Australia is today a specialist in the manufacture of equipment for competition in the fields of motorcycle, automobile, mountain biking and surfing. Nevertheless, it is essential to focus on the Alpinestars motorcycle jacket and its design, as it is one of the brand's flagship products.

Alpinestars jackets, whether leather or textile, are highly appreciated by the brand's customers around the world. Their different characteristics, as well as the technology that made them possible, guarantee many benefits for all users. It justifies the great interest that is brought to them.

The different types of jacket Alpinestars

Among the various products of the brand Alpinestars, you will find a varied range of jacket, designed for different kinds of needs. First and foremost, you will find jackets made of leather, a very durable material that offers more protection on the road. You will then have the jackets made of textile, which also provide a lot of benefits.

For each of these types of jackets, the brand's manufacturers have planned a wide range of design and cut. In this way, both men and women, bikers or not, can find items that suit them. Jackets are also available in all sizes and colours, always to suit the needs and preferences of each Alpinestars customer.

Besides, for fans of the vintage style, there is the Alpinestars retro collection, with a variety of leather or textile jackets. So you can find your jacket Alpinestars retro among the products offered by the brand. So, in the category of leather jackets Alpinestars, you will have models such as:

  • The Faster jacket
  • GP Plus R V2 Jacket
  • The GP Tech V2 jacket
  • The Burner Monster Energy Jacket
  • The Stelle Kira jacket (for women)
  • The Dyno V2 jacket

Similarly, in the category of textile jackets brand, you will be entitled to a large number of models. You will have:

  • Spirit Waterproof Monster Energy Jacket
  • Mercury Tech Hoodie Monster Energy Jacket
  • Stella Gunner V2 Waterproof Jacket (for women)
  • The T-GP Plus R Jacket
  • The AST AIR jacket
  • The Stella T-Jaws V2 AIR jacket

Characteristics of Alpinestars Leather Jacket

It is essential to know the general characteristics of a leather jacket of the brand Alpinestars, to appreciate the quality of the product better. Many details indeed vary depending on each model, but as far as protection and security are concerned, the technology used is the same. So, for a leather jacket from Alpinestars, you'll have:

  • Internal protections meeting the standards in force, for elbows and shoulders
  • An attachment system to attach the Nucleon back protector
  • Some reflective details that increase your visibility and therefore your safety on the road
  • External sliders developed by the brand for optimal protection at the shoulders

You should also know that each leather jacket is made from high-quality soft cow leather, which is resistant not only to abrasion but also to weather.

Characteristics of Alpinestars Motorcycle Textile Jacket

For textile jackets from the Alpinestars brand, the essential features to know are:

  • Protections for shoulders and elbows, CE certified
  • Aramid fibre inner reinforcements for the elbows, shoulders, and back, providing optimal abrasion resistance
  • A guarantee of waterproofness and reflective materials for better visibility

All these jackets have in common, a comfort without equal and the warranty of optimal protection on the road, for all the bikers.

Alpine Gloves

The gloves for motorcycles have a reinforced fabric for hand protection that is also perfect for thermal insulation, in addition to being waterproof, protecting your hands from the rain and wind. For the thumb, Alpinestars gloves feature an even reinforced fabric that protects the finger during handle handling.

Performance riders need double protection. That's why Alpinestars Australia overalls are made from high-quality leather that ensures abrasion resistance during races. What's more, the elbow and knee regions have extra reinforcement with foamy inner padding.

Alpine Accessories

When it comes to motorcycle accessories, there's no way to talk about style - that's why Alpinestars Australia items are produced with a distinctive and innovative design. To ensure foot protection, motorcycle boots are constructed of microfiber for added strength and durability. The sole is rubberised and allows a more precise feel of the controls, as well as ensuring water dispersion.

Buy Alpinestars Products Online

Buy Alpinestars Products online at our online store, and you will find even more protection items from Alpinestars! Discover a numerous range of Alpinestars products such as Adventure, Road, Motocross, Off-Road, Cycling, Casual, Luggage, Timepieces, Women, and Protective Gear accessories at our store. Also, avail the best price comparison ratio at our store and get your Alpinestars product right away.