Airoh came into existence with a need of producing high-quality, safety as well as innovative helmets for road and off-road champions – available for all two-wheels lovers. It was founded back in 1986 by Antonio Locatelli when he thought to establish this company keeping his surname.

Since the day beginning, he has refined his talent and skills to make exceptional helmets for some well-known brands in this industry.

Airoh continually strives for excellence and leaves no stone unturned. The light that shines in the eyes of the most popular athlete is the same as in the eyes of young people in the competition.

Their racing unit, made up of former riders and renowned experts in the road industry, helps people to achieve their ambitions and dreams with the same values.

Talking about specifically features of Airoh Helmets in Australia, Airoh promises to make durable helmets that are made of high-quality material to protect your head from injury.

Interestingly, Airoh helmets meet the department of transportation safety standards. Moreover, they are correct in size, in fact, plentiful sizes are available for customers to choose from. Another reason behind the popularity of Airoh helmets is their perfect ventilation system that makes sure the helmet has vents and breathable.

All their helmets are loaded with a face shield that protects your face from injury and impact. They, too, have a chin strap that comfortably fits everyone’s face. Most important all, Airoh Helmets Prices alongside all these qualities are very much affordable, and a user who is short on cash can easily buy one.

Best Airoh Helmets

With the help of Antonio Cairoli and other world-class drivers, Aviator 2.2 has been developed to design an optimal MX helmet. Aviator 2.2 features innovative protection, comfort, and appearance. The helmet is made of carbon and aramid fiber in three different shell dimensions. An unbeatable structure that is light and has excellent safety characteristics. The fact that Aviator 2.2 weighs only 950 grams significantly increases comfort by reducing strain.

In terms of safety, comfort, and look, Aviator Ace offers revolutionary features. The helmet is 100% carbon fiber and Kevlar and comes in three shell sizes. This is lightweight and durable, produced in terms of external coating performance with an impeccable blend of material. The Aviator Ace weighs just 1040 g, which improves comfort greatly and is not really heavy.

Commander's HPC (High-Performance Composite),an aggressive helmet shell is made from a material that creates optimum protection without being too heavy. The helmet has a nice feature that many riders consider a big plus, depending on the circumstances, to be used with or without the helmet peak.

This helmet is made of high-quality material. The helmet visor is very broad to optimize your vision when riding and is one of the easiest visors on the market. The helmet is also well ventilated with back and side ventilation and chin ventilation. Just an excellent helmet for those who value a smooth, elegant and modern helmet!

It’s basically a off-road helmet, which is available in plentiful designes. The inside lining is removable and washable for optimum breathing comfort. To ensure maximum safety, the Switch features an adjustable peak, several ventilation points, and a dual-driving ring retention system.

Airoh Twist is an MX helmet designed recently for the most challenging conditions and riders with high expectations of comfort and design. A lightweight helmet that looks cool too. Effective ventilation that prevents pollution from entering the helmet to ensure optimal airflow. A large opening for a goggle provides a wider field of vision that helps keep opponents visible and helps you to become more aware of your environment.

The helmet consists of high-performance material and comes in three shell sizes to suit you well. Just a superb helmet for those who want a comfortable, stylish, and modern helmet.

This Aviator 2.3 Helmet is loaded with marvellous features in terms of appearance, comfort, and safety, of course. The helmet is made of Kevlar and 100% carbon fiber and is available in three different shell sizes. It’s an unsurpassed blend of material because it is both lightweight and safe for outer coating performance. They only thing that enhances comfort with the Aviator 2.3 is its 1040 grams weight, which means it’s not heavy.

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