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AEG Australia

Greedy Kingdoms

$ 30.00

Ecos the First Continent

$ 72.00

Space Base Board Game

$ 104.99

War Chest Siege Expansion

$ 35.00

Tiny Towns

$ 52.00

Truffle Shuffle

$ 27.00

Tiny Towns Villagers Expansion

$ 37.00


$ 70.00

Atelier The Painters Studio

$ 50.00

Cat Lady

$ 33.00

Cat Lady Box of Treats

$ 27.00


$ 70.00

Tiny Towns Fortune Expansion

$ 30.00

Smash Up

$ 48.00

AEG Ecos New Horizon Expansion

$ 47.95

Cat Lady Board Game

$ 58.99

Sheepy Time

$ 54.00


$ 83.00

The world’s leading and trustworthy brand AEG succeed upon innovations which give you the feeling like no one else of mastery in your cooking, home as well as laundry care. AEG has been keeping on your needs of today – and expect the ones of tomorrow. Thus, you can get results which don’t just meet all of your standards – but exceed them. That is what AEG is and together with their audience, they are always an idea ahead.

130 Years of Innovation

AEG is constantly striving to be an idea forward always. In 2017, they celebrate the 130th anniversary of innovation. Integrating smart technology with responsive design, through AEG's Peter Behrens vision and design philosophy – perfect shape and function. They will continue to innovate and commit to their selves into the future.


AEG was founded back in 1883 as the Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft fur Angewandte Elektricitat by Emil Rathenau. A merger with subsidiary Telefunken AG and subsequent acquisitions by Daimler AG and finally Electrolux shaped AEG into the forward-thinking company it’s now. The core of all AEG does is innovation. It drives them from the first electric refrigerator to the first heat pump technology for tube dryer - their most famous inventions for home. This is the inspiration behind their sustainable materials. That's their history and their future.

What They Look Forward?

Tomorrow begins today. The way they are doing will be changed. The way they are dressing will be changed. The way they are living will be changed. AEG knows very well how Technology can enhance the world around them. That's the major reason why they make sure their appliances not only exceed customer's need today - but also embrace tomorrow's technology to fit the future requirements.

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