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Adata Power Bank Fast Charger

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Adata Premier UHSI V10 SDXC Ca...

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Adata Micro Sd Card 32Gb

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Adata Premier microSDXC UHSI A...

$ 80.00

Adata 16GB Micro SD Card

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Adata 20000mAh Quick Charge Po...

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Adata 64GB Micro SD Card

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ADATA ASE730H256GU31CRD 256GB...

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Adata 10000mah power bank Powe...

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Adata 12500Mah Power Bank

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Adata Micro SD Card 128GB Micr...

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Adata UV150 Dashdrive USB 30 1...

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Adata UV128 Dashdrive Retracta...

$ 40.14

Adata Micro SD Card 64GB

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Adata 256GB Micro SD Card

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Adata SD Card 32GB

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ADATA ASD700512GU3CYL SD700 51...

$ 299.00

Adata As40G 256Gt C 256Gb Spec...

$ 129.95

Adata 32GB Micro SD Card 32GB

$ 15.71

Adata Micro Sd Card 32Gb

$ 19.99

ADATA A10050QC 5V 10050mAh Pow...

$ 59.00

ADATA C1AN266616GB Premier 16G...

$ 199.00

ADATA Australia is a reasonably young and trendy brand for memory production. It was founded in 2001 and, in a sufficiently short time, became a world-famous brand. The company had only 20 people at the time of opening; however, despite its small size, the ADATA brand had big dreams.

The full name of the company is ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. Its main task was to create a first-class, high-quality product in the field of memory chips, and the manufacturer has very successfully realised this goal from the moment it was founded to this day. This is proved by the fact that ADATA has the highest number of awards for the quality of its products. And all thanks to ideal production conditions, ultra-modern workshops, and decent customer service at all levels.

Brand Overview

Founded in May 2001 by Simon Chen, who is Chairman and CEO of ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. aims to create high-end memory solutions that embellish the digital life of consumers. The integrity and professionalism of the company made ADATA the leading brand in memory production with the most significant number of award-winning products.

Initially aimed at creating DRAM modules, ADATA later reviewed market trends and expanded its product portfolio to include flash applications and data storage solutions. With its best and experienced technical expertise and manufacturing tools, ADATA provides the best innovative and turbo-fast memory that includes USB Flash Drives, Solid State Drives, DRAM, SD card, and Portable Drives.

Due to its desire to meet user needs, ADATA has become the leading global supplier of memory modules and flash products, holding, respectively, the 2nd and 3rd places in terms of sales of DRAM modules and flash products (iSupply, April 2010),and enter Taiwan's top 20 global brands (Taiwan Top 20 Global Brands).

ADATA recognises that professionalism and innovation enhance its competitiveness and the ranking of its products and services on the market. ADATA's stringent manufacturing standards comply with the highest standards and apply to devise design, procurement of raw materials, manufacturing process, quality control, and testing.

The brand won several prestigious international awards for its futuristic innovations and improvement, which includes the National Silver Award of Excellence as well. And Taiwan, a Japanese award for the best design of G-MARK, CES Innovations Award in the US and iF Design award, and red dot design award.

ADATA designs and manufactures predominantly comprehensive memory solutions of all kinds, from embedded DRAM memory to external hard drives and flash drives.

The priority for the ADATA brand is the professionalism of its staff and the network of resellers because it is it that becomes the main competitive advantage in the market where only manufacturers of high-quality and durable memory survive.

In 2010, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. acquired a face known to the whole world - a logo in the form of a hummingbird, as if drawing parallels with the speed of their modules of external and internal memory and the speed of the wings of this bird.

In pursuit of world leadership in the memory market, ADATA Technology Co does not forget about the world around it. So, for example, the manufacturer received a certificate of international compliance ISO 14001 on the rational use of natural resources and compliance with several EEC requirements.


ADATA Technology is a futuristic innovation and is dedicated to manufacture memory modules and flash drives, including memory cards, solid-state drives, portable hard drives, and offers comprehensive memory solutions.

ADATA products are recognised worldwide and awarded by the German iF Design Award and Red Dot Award, the CES Innovations Award, the Japanese Good Design Award, the Taiwanese Best Choice of Computex Award, and the Excellence Gold Award.

The motto of Love, Life, and Dreams embodies ADATA ideas and the role of innovative products in the quest for humanity to fulfil its most cherished dreams.

The ADATA XPG (Extreme Performance Gear) brand is a high-performance, stylish gaming, and overclocking solution. The XPG development team includes gamers and overclockers who are closely associated with the global enthusiast community.

That is why XPG products quickly pass the most rigorous testing, guaranteeing users high performance and stability in the most intense games, test trials, and overclocking. XPG extends beyond what is possible, and in combination with leading technology, the XPG range lets you enjoy the most advanced graphics, physics, and gameplay, including virtual reality gains. XPG is not just power, and it's also design and style.

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