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Acqua Dellelba is an Italian brand but is famous all over the world due to its scent which was made manually. This is the original beauty of the brand and for the fragrance. There are more than brands stores available now in different countries. If you are from Australia and looking for the best perfume, you can easily find Acqua Dellelba store in Australia which offers you the best fragrance known as the scent of the sea.

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Acqua Dellelba History

The story of the brand starts in the late '90s at one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean, the Island of Elba, where the three founding partners (Fabio Murzi, Chiara Murzi, and Fabio Turoni) decided to create a perfume factory. They take the sea as an inspiring model and the island's natural products as raw materials to develop precious essences in a traditional way modelled on Renaissance workshops.

After 17 years the small artisan manufacture that was intact in philosophy but launched on the national scene as a successful brand with 19 single-brand stores on the island and 9 in essential squares such as Florence, Rome, Venice, Palermo, Como, Lucca and Siena located in the main streets of shopping, where it is easy to recognize them thinking of the sea and its colours. But the adventure of Acqua dell'Elba does not stop there and continues in the name, and for the territory it represents. And now you can easily find products of Acqua Dell’ebba in Australia.

Handmade Scents

It was a real challenge, to create a handicraft product manufacturing, in a sector such as perfumes and essences primarily controlled by the multinationals. An idea born in the middle of the sea, on a sailboat containing a precious essence has been found.

The owner attracts a niche of the public interested in products related to nature and the earth with the background and the blue sea of the Island of Elba in history. The first shop was born in Marciana Marina, where there is still the headquarters and the laboratory, the first encouraging feedbacks have been there since the beginning to induce the three founding partners to open in the following years' various shops in all island countries.

The success achieved in 'Patria' has convinced the three founding partners of the potential of their product to attempt the national adventure by opening in recent years single-brand stores in different Italian cities in prestigious streets and squares. Since then they never stop and keep producing amazing scents which are known as the scent of the sea.