Founded in Sydney, Ace Furniture Australia provides a basis for efficient furnishing solutions to fit business needs and use a personal touch in parallel. Their group collaborates closely with architects, engineers, project managers and industry experts.

Ace Furniture’s highly experienced team that has run their business for 30 years makes their productive solutions possible. Besides, their group includes architects, project managers, artisans and joiners who over the years have worked together to build an uncompromising partnership that can deliver individual parts with a performance that is only possible in cooperation with seasoned industry practitioners.

All products of Ace Furniture Australia are manufactured proudly among their local and international team – based in China, allowing them to use international materials as well as techniques to manufacture the highest quality standards. This is, without a doubt, is a unique perspective, enabling them to lead the market that often lacks personalised solutions.

Ace Furniture Products

Ace Furniture is providing a vast range of furniture products and ensures the highest standards of quality in all the products. The main products of Ace Furniture Australia include:

The sleek and modern Junga armchair is made of metal base or fabric upholstery – depends on which one you choose. It’s, for now, available in Purple colour and ideal for indoor. It measures 900 x 860 x 700 (W x D x H) dimensions and up to 5 years of warranty is offered by the company.

It’s a smart contemporary piece which is made with a sturdy single leg base and timber top. The company has designed a Bridi Table for smaller spaces that are in need of a common gather point. When it comes to the colour, it depends on which one you choose. It measures 700 x 760 (H x W) dimensions and ideal for indoor only.

It's a comfortable couch designed to support the construction of a communal area. The fainting style offers a balance between unbound space and support for more relaxed comfort, while the foundation is pulling out - providing additional space for both sitting and lying down. With 1850 x 950 x 750 x 480 (W x L x H x SH) dimensions, it’s available in Beige colour, or you can choose your own too.

Ace Furniture Services

The goal of Ace Furniture is to build pieces that combine aesthetics and functionality. They make the pieces of furniture accessible in areas that seek a more personal touch.

Part of their manufacturing team are craftsmen specialising in their most sensitive product line. Ace Furniture Australia makes sure that your room is tailored to the specifications which they are proud to offer.

Ace Furniture design team is very careful to create the perfect interior for a whole or room. In conjunction with the existing design developed by their customers, Ace Furniture is using the furnishing resources they have available.

their products are produced in the highest quality sector, following AFDRI and other manufacturing standards, with their local and international teams proudly.

Although their catalogue will give your room the perfect solutions. It also provides an excellent example of what they are capable of developing and producing.

From conception to montage and completion, Ace Furniture project managers will collaborate with you. Therefore, they ensure that the needs of your room are met with your personal vision.

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