7artisans Photoelectric 25mm f18 Camera Lenses

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Product Name: 7artisans photoelectric

Focal length: 25mm

Maximum Aperture: f/1.8

Minimum Aperture: f/16

Lens Mount: Fujifilm X

Optical Design: 7 elements in 5 group

Diaphragm blades: 12, rounded

Focus type: Manual

Image Stabilization: None

Filter Size: 46mm

Weight: 143 grams

7artisans 25mm f18 is a compact and versatile camera lens which was made for the Fujifilm cameras. This lens can be operated as a manual focus to give you be bright and high definition images that will work in all kind of lighting conditions. 7artisans Photoelectric 25mm f18 in Australia is the best camera lens to be used for your Fujifilm X cameras. This compact lens is specially designed for the mirrorless cameras and provides you with the same result as of 3.75mm focal length.

Price and Availability

However, anyone photographer or a beginner who wants to record videos with their camera are recommended to purchase this camera lens made by 7artisans. However, the best feature of this bright lens is unmatched and you can purchase it in such a low price range. 7Artisans photo electronic 25mm f18 price in Australia is approx. of $120 AUD. For such a price, the buyer doesn't expect miracles so, hurry up and place the order of the lens for your cameras.

Reduced design blend and wide aperture 7artisans lenses come with the compact design and shape. Aside from wide aperture, the most notable features of the 7artisans lens are fixed range, manual focus and retro design as if you were back in time. The 7artisans Photoelectric 25mm f / 1.8 is a prime lens for APS-C cameras with the following mounts: Fujifilm X-mount, Sony E-mount, Micro Four Thirds (MFT) and Canon EF-M. When combined with these bodies, its equivalent range is 37.5mm, 37.5mm, 50mm and 40mm respectively.

When it comes to optics, the 7artisans 25mm f /1.8 consists of 7 elements in 5 groups and the front element is covered with a multilayer coating to give reflections, glare and ghosting kept to a minimum. With manual focus, you can approach the target at a distance of just 18cm and achieve maximum sharpness. The diameter of the filter is 46mm, and the diaphragm is made in the form of 12 rounded leaves. With this combination of range and aperture, a high level of control over depth of field and focus is guaranteed, as well as unmatched bokeh. It's worth noting that this 7artisans prime lens is available in black and silver.