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Not as famous as Canon, Olympus or Fujifilm in Australia but 7Atisans has been struggling a lot to gain a handsome position in the Australian market with its state-of-the-art camera lenses. 7Artisans Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd is one of the professional photographic lens manufacturers – focusing on the development and distribution of new compact lenses not only in Australia but other countries too. It was founded back in March 2016 by 7 photography enthusiasts and now it’s rapidly growing in camera lenses industry.

The Australian market is equipped with so many 7Artisans Camera Lenses on Sale that are unique M 50mm F1.1 lens for Leica M Mount Rangefinder cameras. Back in 2018, 7Artisans developed DSLR and UAV lens versions that quickly established a great reputation in the world.

Technology, quality and market demands are 7Artisans’ life. The manufacturing cycle of the organization complies with strict standards of quality. The recruiting of skilled people is the key to our success in the business. The technological development, creativity and the professional qualification of the staff are improving constantly. Here on Paylessdeal, we have listed above the Best 7Artisans Camera Lenses Prices for your convenience to get your desired one from one of your favourite online stores without spending a fortune.

7Artisans 28mm F1.4 Leica Full Frame Lens

This 28mm F1.4 is designed for the Full Frame cameras with advanced optical architecture. In order to achieve excellent quality, 7Arteisans involved costly glass. The formula of M28mm F1.4 consists of eleven elements in nine groups including a two-sided asphere glass, two ED glass and three rare earth glass high refractive elements. The material characteristics of each glass unit were completely exploited by this lens. The optical efficiency from the middle to corner is enhanced and the image quality is excellent. M28 mm F1.4 is a perfect premium for specific portraits of the natural environment. It collects maximum light and offers a wide vantage point for street or architectural photography.

7Artisans 35mm F2.0 Full Frame Lens for Leica M Mount

The optical system M35 mm f/2.0 lens comprises 7 objects in 5 groups The Sonnar Formula is used for its optical construction. The lens is made of an aluminium body and has durable metal mechanics with multi-threads. Due to its close proximity to the human perspective and field of view, 35mm is the standard 35mm focal length. This works perfectly in order to separate the subject from the background, by taking shots in F/2.0 or to keep this intensely focused. This focal length is used by countless enthusiasts and professionals with its advantageous compact size.

7Artisans M50mm F1.1 Full Frame Lens

The M50mm F1.1 lens is based on the Sonnar formula and consists of 7 elements in 6 different groups. It includes two high refractive index 1.9 optical elements to improve the quality and portability of the image. The company's research and development process involved an analysis of the curvature of the field and the effect of astigmatism on the images that were out of focus. A higher-quality image resulted in numerous corrections and improvements. The lens at an F/1.1 opening offers a light and friendly bokeh. Sharpness is reduced to F1.4 while smooth focus areas are preserved.

7Artisans 35mm F1.4 Full Frame

The E35/1.4 lens designed by 7Artisans has 10 components in 9 different groups. The center part has this intense sharpness and is superbly scattered. All-metal components and threaded threads offer a smooth focus, weighing 298 g and a lens that is 5cm long to make easy to carry.

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