100 Pur Cosmetics Certified cruelty free by PETA and Leaping Bunny; the brand has a vast variety of certified Natural Skincare, Organic Makeup, Haircare, Body Product and many other products that are being sold worldwide. Founder of 100 % pure cosmetics, Susie Wang, James Wang, and Ric Kostick are stick to one mission and goal, which is to bring the most significant positive change.

The vibrant and vivid cosmetics are coloured with fruit and vegetable pigments; not only this, 100 Pure Cosmetics products are rich in nourishing vitamins, minerals, and Antioxidants. Look nowhere for buying the products of 100 % Pure Cosmetics as Paylessdeal offers all the skincare, makeup, hair, and body products that will be at your doors in just one click by comparing the prices of all products to focus side by side comparison of same product user is willing to buy. 

Change to Global Community

The brand deserves the 100 % tag because they are committed to producing the quality and healthiest products that strive to live with kindness, empathy, and compassion. The big thing about this brand is that it is working for the global community while also being charitable for the people as well as animals.

No Water No Thickness

The major and necessary ingredient use is water which is their priority no matter its Skin Care, Hair products or body Products. But in case of 100 % Pure cosmetics, they uses the organic floral hydrosol, organic aloe juice, natural fermented rice water, and organic trees that gives uniqueness to the brand while the brand use thickness to expand to economize formulas that are never diluted with cheap fillers and every single ingredient in each 100 % PURE formula is included for users benefit.


Plenty key features took this brand to the upper level and still the brand is riding up high above other brands, the products of 100 % pure are packed in post-recycled plastic or glass which is printed with the biodegradable soy ink. The offices of 100 % pure cosmetics run on Solar energy to save up the electricity while the brand source all its palm oil from Brazil which is supplied and have signed the RAN sustainable Palm Oil Pledge that grows its palm trees using organic methods.

100 % Pure 9 Steps Testing Process

Purity is a key factor in every sector, so each ingredient individually tested for the no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilisers used on raw ingredients that are further gone for ingredient synergy test. Synergy test is necessary because the ingredients may cause a reaction when combined for which they have to check the entire synergy test.

The formula is always tested to check the potency while the sensitivity PT 1 test is taken for the irritability on the skin, goes further on the sensitivity PT 2; it test clogs pores all the test formula samples throughout the development process. Synergy PT 1 test is taken for the packaging to make sure that there are no toxins in the packaging, the Synergy PT2 test is for looking the formula degrades the packaging that goes on the stability process where the formula degrades the packaging. The stability PT 1 tests the formula stability anywhere which is taken from 4 weeks to 1 year and in the last the stability of the ingredients is checked in the same way by testing it from 4 weeks to 1 year.


More than 16 retailers shops have above 200+ employees that work in each department to ensure their customers to be more satisfied than before. By the conception of formula, the employees never stop working for their customers.