1-2 Nintendo Switch Game

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Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: March 3, 2017

Genre: Party

Mode: Multiplayer

Developers: Nintendo EPD

Publishers: Nintendo

Producer: Kouichi Kawamoto

This Nintendo 1-2 switch game is considered as one of the most famous and popular games for the Nintendo Switch. 1-2 Nintendo Switch in Australia was launched on March 3 2017. Although it was launched three years ago, still at the end of 2019, Nintendo has sold almost 3.01 millions of copies worldwide which shows the worth and popularity of this game.

What is Nintendo 1-2 Switch?

The first question that may arise after we read or listen to the name of the game "What is Nintendo 1-2-Switch?". So if you have such a question in your mind, let us tell you what Nintendo Switch 1-2 is.  First of all, this is a game designed to showcase and prove Joy-Con's potential as a Nintendo Switch controller. With all the technology embedded in Nintendo, this little controller is not the "normal" controller you find in other gaming machines. Secondly, this is a Party game that Nintendo claims are built with one primary thought, a fun game that asks gamers not to watch television. The focus is to make the players see each other.


Nintendo 1-2 witch is a party fun game which can be played as multiplayer in which payers do not rely on what is happening on the screen. It is fun to play this game as this game has almost 28 different games included which users can play using the Joy-Con controllers to play the games. One of the most popular game played on Nintendo switch is based on the audio cues. One player will perform the audio or tells the other person with his gestures, and the other person will have to guess what he is trying to say.

Price and Availability

This game is one of the best game launched by the Nintendo which contains a total of 28 mini-games such as sword fighting, beach running, counting balls, soda, shooting and many other sports. It is quite fun to play this game. If you haven’t played or purchased the game yet, then hurry up and buy your Nintendo Switch 1-2 game. 1-2 Nintendo Switch game price in Australia is almost 70 AUD, but it is worthy of paying for such a fantastic game. We have enlisted-in various stores from where you can purchase this amazing Nintendo game.